All Things Consoled
ISBN: 9780771039737
Available September 2018, Elizabeth Hay's forthcoming book is a memoir about the drama of her parents' end, and the longer drama of being their daughter.
About the book
Jean and Gordon Hay were a formidable pair. She was a late-blooming artist and superlatively frugal; he was a proud and ambitious schoolteacher with a terrifying temper. As old age collides with the tragedy of living too long, this once ferociously independent pair become increasingly dependent on Lizzie, the so-called difficult child. Their lives change utterly and so does hers.

Philip Roth once said, "Old age is a massacre." All Things Consoled takes you inside the massacre.

??In this brave memoir, written with tough-minded candour, tenderness, and wit, Elizabeth Hay offers insight into the exquisite agony of a family's dynamics — entrenched favouritism, sibling rivalries, grievances that last for decades, genuine admiration and deep love. In the end she reaches a more complete understanding of the most unforgettable characters she will ever know, the vivid giants in her life who were her parents.
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