A Student of Weather
ISBN: 978-0-7710-3790-0
“Enormously moving ... An unsentimental testament to resilience and mettle … A triumphant novel.”
Giller Prize Finalist
CAA MOSAID Technologies Inc. Award for Fiction
Pearson Canada Reader’s Choice Award Finalist
Globe and Mail Notable Book of the Year
About the book
From some accidents of love and weather we never quite recover. At the worst of the Prairie dust bowl of the 1930s, a young man appears out of a blizzard and alters the lives of two sisters, beautiful Lucinda and small, dark Norma Joyce. Their rivalry sets the stage for all that follows in a narrative spanning over thirty years, beginning in Saskatchewan and moving, in the decades after the war, to Ottawa and New York City. Disarming, vividly told, unforgettable, this is a story about the mistakes we make that never go away. About how the things we want to keep vanish and the things we want to lose return to haunt us.
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