UK Edition of “Alone in the Classroom”

Alone in the Classroom has now been published with a great new cover in the United Kingdom by MacLehose Press, which published Late Nights on Air in 2008. For more details visit the publisher’s website.

“It’s a testament to the quality of Hay’s writing that the lack of a traditional ending tantalises rather than disappoints; and the villain, Principal Parley Burns, who moves through the school ‘like mustard gas in subtle form’, is one of the most memorable villains I’ve ever encountered.”
The Guardian, Laura Wilson

“Unforgettable characters”
Literary Review, Jessica Mann

“A highly accomplished and resourceful stylist”
The Spectator, Paul Binding

“Wise and able, and deliciously comic too … [Hay] is another cherishable novelist from a country with a preponderance of such talent. Alone in the Classroom is one to savour.”
bookoxygen, Elsbeth Lindner

“The narrative crosses the generations and should be read carefully in order to appreciate its richness and the author’s genius as a storyteller.”
Bookgroupinfo, Paula McMaster