Chapbook: The Original Title

Apr 3, 2017 | News Item, Postings

Available now as a beautiful chapbook published by Maureen Scott Harris is the Page Lecture I gave at Queen’s University in 2015. “The Original Title” is a talk about editing and being edited and bears directly on my novel Late Nights on Air. Here is the first paragraph:

I was in my study gathering up the piles of pages all around me after finishing Late Nights on Air. The title of the book had changed as I worked on it, and the subject. The subject, therefore the title. (It was The End of Shyness for a long time, then Dido in Yellowknife for a while, and then Late Nights on Air after a friend told me everyone would call the book Dildo in Yellowknife.) But I was still attached to the initial subject and the initial title.

To purchase the chapbook you can write to Maureen Scott Harris at 19 Biggar Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6H 2N5. Or reach her by emailing