Narrating My Own Books

Jan 18, 2018 | News Item, Postings

For a long time I wanted to narrate at least one of my own audio books and now I’ve narrated three. In the fall of 2017, in a studio across the Ottawa River in Aylmer, I spent eight sessions or so in front of a microphone reading my second novel Garbo Laughs. We had great fun doing it, the director Wendy Robbins, the technician Marc Parizeau, and I, the croaky reader, who relied on quantities of herbal tea with lemon and honey to lubricate my pipes.

Since then, in June and July of 2018, and with the same team, I narrated Late Nights on Air as well as my most recent book, All Things Consoled: a daughter’s memoir, this last one available in September, 2018.

These audio books are among many being made available by Penguin Random House Canada Audio. The many include several more of mine. My story collection Small Change read by Kate Greenhouse, my most recent novel His Whole Life read by Susan Coyne, and my first novel, A Student of Weather, read by my daughter, the Toronto actor and light of my life, Sochi Fried.

All of the above can be downloaded from Audible, Kobo, iTunes, Google Books, and Penguin Random House Canada.